pentatonic body forclassy-recorder, 440 Hz
This body belongs to the pentatonic soprano recorder 117-052. The 117-052 belongs to the group of combination recorders, model series classy-recorders. The combination recorders are a recorder system that was developed / invented by Kunath Instrumentenbau especially for Waldorf schools. You can find more information about Combination recorders here.The Scale length The geometry of the inner bore of the instrument is cylindroconical and wider than other pentatonic recorders. This type of bore gives the recorder its typical sound. In principle, instruments with a wider bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and therefore more suitable for ensembles than models with a narrower inner bore. Who is this instrument aimed at? School classes that want to start with the pentatonic range and then later switch to the diatonic / chromatic range at a favourable price. The favourable change is made possible by the system of combination recorders. Fingering The instrument pentatonic stars-recorder ("Sternen Recorder") 117-052 is manufactured in 7-tone pentatonic fingering. Packaging and accessoriesThe body is supplied as standard with a bag and the following accessories: Fingering chart..
Product number: 117-052U


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