Recorders are not always too loud!

The lower instruments in particular need some "punch" and if you play folk, rock or harder music styles, you won't be happy without a built-in microphone, even with smaller recorders.

micK is the microphone specially developed for bass recorders.


Audix APS-910 - Adapter plug mini XLR - XLR phantom power adapter for micK
Product number: MI-APS-910

Connection cable with mini XLR 3-pin for AKG wireless systems for WP-1x
Product number: MI-AKGWP

Connection cable with mini-jack for Sennheiser wireless systems for WP1x
Product number: MI-SENWP

Install threaded sleeve for WP1x
Product number: MI-HÜLSENEINBAU-WP1X

micK (microphone, pickup) for bass recorders
Product number: MI-MICK

Monacor MA-123 - Attenuator 10-20-30 db XLR - XLR for micK
Product number: MI-MA-123

Phantom power adapter with XLR for WP1x
Product number: MI-PA-X

Threaded bushing for micK including installation
Product number: MI-MICKBUCHSE

Threaded sleeve for WP1x
Product number: MI-HÜLSE-WP1X

WP1x (microphone, pickup) incl. installation
Product number: MI-WP1X


Just relax and listen to the recorder maker as he gives an insight into the little secrets of recorder making and explains the special features of selected instruments.


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