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Over 30 years ago, and in collaboration with teachers from Waldorf schools, we developed a revolutionary instrument system: The Combination recorders.
The instruments are characterised by the following prinicples: 

  • With detachable sound strips, the pentatonic instruments are probably the quietest recorders in the classroom. 
  • Practical construction
  • Sensible pricing for parent-school finances
  • 5 year guarantee

The instruments are developed within an interchangeable system. 
There is one head joint and various lower pieces.

The golden rule: The head joint fits all lower pieces, no matter the tuning or fingering.

By retaining the head joint and switching the lower piece, creating a new instrument is always easy.
Since the head joint is the most expensive part of the recorder, changing your instrument is now cheaper than ever before. Purchasing just a lower piece relieves the burden on your finances. The head, which also becomes personalised during use, remains within your instrument. 
And after the change, the penatatonic lower piece that is no longer needed can be passed onto a sibling or sold to another class. 

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