5 years warranty

The square Paetzold recorders are almost immortal due to their ingenious construction.

Herbert Paetzold has designed the wind tunnel - one of the most elementary parts of a recorder - in such a way that it can be replaced if necessary. This has been appreciated by professional frequent players for decades. In this way, the instrument - possibly in combination with a new block - can start a new life again.

The other components of the instruments have also been so ingeniously thought out, and over the years have been continually improved, that Paetzold (by Kunath) recorders can be played for an above-average length of time before you should go to the workshop for an overhaul.

For these reasons we give you a 5 years warranty on your instrument.

Warranty conditions

Kunath Instrumentenbau grants a guarantee of 5 years on the instruments manufactured by us. The period for calculating the warranty period begins with the invoice date. The territorial scope of the warranty protection is worldwide.

The guarantee refers to the faultlessness of the instruments, including functionality, material or production defects.

If a defect should occur during the warranty period, the manufacturer shall provide one of the following services within the scope of this warranty at his discretion:

  • free-of-charge repair of the goods or
  • free exchange of the goods against an equivalent article

If you have a warranty claim, please contact:

Kunath Instrumentenbau
Am Ried 7
36041 Fulda

Guarantee claims are excluded for damage to the goods by

  • normal wear
  • inappropriate treatment
  • non-observance of safety precautions
  • use of force (e.g. blows)
  • Own repair trials

The prerequisite for claiming the guarantee is that Kunath Instrumentenbau, or a person commissioned by it, is able to check the guarantee case (e.g. by sending in the goods). Care must be taken to ensure that damage to the goods during transport is avoided by safe packaging. A copy of the invoice must be enclosed with the consignment so that Kunath Instrumentenbau can check whether the guarantee period has been observed. Without a copy of the invoice, Kunath Instrumentenbau can refuse the guarantee. In the case of justified warranty claims you will not incur any shipping costs, i.e. Kunath Instrumentenbau will refund any shipping costs for outward shipping.

This manufacturer guarantee does not restrict your legal rights against us from the purchase contract concluded with us. Any existing legal warranty rights towards us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise. The manufacturer's warranty therefore does not violate your statutory rights, but rather extends your legal position.

If the purchased item is defective, you can contact us in any case within the scope of the statutory warranty, regardless of whether there is a warranty claim or the warranty is claimed.
Please contact us before sending the goods so that we can find the best possible solution.

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