First Class Recorders

These instruments were developed to have interchangeable parts, like those first created in the Combination recorder series. 

The special feature of these recorders is their wide bore, a feature favoured in the Renaissance and early Baroque eras. This benefitted the instruments as they were often used for choral playing in recorder ensembles. The sound this type of bore creates is not as full of overtones. This allows the notes to blend better in an ensemble than on instruments with a Baroque-style bore. Please do not confuse the term baroque construction with the term baroque fingering!
Baroque construction describes an instrument with a narrowing bore. This type of bore results in a more soloistic sound. 

For a long time it had been assumed that the larger tone holes of these instruments would cause difficulties for children. However, this assumption has turned out to be a mistake. In fact, the larger holes give a much clearer and tactile feedback to the fingers: "Here is the hole".

Anyone who has heard a class making music with these special class flutes will understand why more and more teachers are choosing this series.

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