The square Paetzold by Kunath bassrecorders

Tradition is the Preservation of the Fire. . .

In the 1970´s began the story of the successful square recorders by Joachim Paetzold.
Herbert Paetzold takes on the idea, and for many decades would the square bass recorders be in close connection with his discovery and his creativity.

The worldwide connection of the instrument holds a special starting impulse through the spontaneous decision that Frans Brüggen used basses in the Ensemble Sour Cream.
Many renowned players and ensembles such as Tom Beets, Blockflötenorchester Dortmund, Johannes Fischer, Susanne Fröhlich, Miako Klein, Flautando Köln, PLENUM, Eva Reiter, Nadja Schubert, Spark, ONG, Paul Leenhouts, Dietrich Schnabel, Antonio Politano and countless others choose the quality of these unique bass recorders since decades to use in concert and studio recording settings.

The living tradition of these instruments appropriately continue; in 2011 both recorder makers Herbert Paetzold and Joachim Kunath work together to set a concept, and the workshop resposibly continues so that the further deleloped concepts of instrument making impulses living into the future.

Paetzold (by Kunath) bass recorders hold a life-long value. After a while it will sometimes even be a bit more valuable. So that it will stay this way in the future, we put newly newly developed worth onto it so that they are compatible with existing basses.
This way, you can still wish for new accessories for your older bass recorder, or have a general overhaul to the newest condition a restoration can bring.

Even with the proof that all people who work daily on perfecting the bass recorders, tradition is used from the, Preservation of the fire, and not the ashes.