There are many good reasons to engrave a recorder.

  • Class music making: Which instrument belongs to whom?
  • Ensemble rehearsal: Are there several of one instrument? Which one is your treasure?
  • Theft: Without a personal security engraving, how will you prove that the instrument seized by the police is your property?

There are many other reasons. Don't wait until it's too late.


Engraving on recorder headjoint: Baby Kruffy
Product number: G-BABY_KRUFFY

Engraving on recorder headjoint: Coronet
Product number: G-CORONET

Engraving on recorder headjoint: Curlz MT
Product number: G-CURLZ_MT

Engraving on recorder headjoint: Palatino
Product number: G-PALATINO


Just relax and listen to the recorder maker as he gives an insight into the little secrets of recorder making and explains the special features of selected instruments.


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