Are you responsible for the perfect hygienic condition of the woodwind instruments in your music school?

Then you should think about purchasing a VIR-X system.

The units work with ozone and UV-C rays to reliably disinfect woodwind instruments.


VIR-X 1800 disinfector for woodwind instruments
The reliable disinfection of woodwind instruments at music schools and in university use. The device enables fast and reliable disinfection of recorders, transverse flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons and other woodwind instruments.The device works program-controlled. Thus, it can be operated by the personnel without lengthy training.Disinfection is based on UV-C rays and ozone. VIR-X1800 provides safety against enveloped viruses, molds and spores and germs. Give your teachers and students the safety they deserve.Effective against SARS-CoV-2. Instruction Manual VIR-X1800
Product number: VIR-X1800

VIR-X 690 disinfector for woodwind instruments
Product number: VIR-X690


Just relax and listen to the recorder maker as he gives an insight into the little secrets of recorder making and explains the special features of selected instruments.


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