The original sub-bass recorder in F was built by the Bassano family of instrument makers.

Even in the Renaissance era the instruments in the collection of the Accademia Filarmonica di Verona were recognised as of high quality and value and were borrowed by court musicians for special occasions.  

In our revised design, we placed great emphasis on creating a contrabass recorder which can fufill the wish of many ensembles for a deep Renaissance bass.

Furthermore, utilising our experience in making large bass recorders, we have ensured that transportation and command of the instrument is possible with unprecedented ease.  

Once in the bag, the instrument weighs just 5.6 kg. Like in the Renaissance, the Mjo places you, the human being, in the centre. However, please bear in mind that playing instruments of this size also requires large hands and long fingers.


Mjo Subgreatbass recorder, black, made of RESONA
Product number: MJO6501-077


Just relax and listen to the recorder maker as he gives an insight into the little secrets of recorder making and explains the special features of selected instruments.


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