Recorders need care.

We offer you selected care products that are optimized for our instruments.


5ml oil for Clarineau
Our 5ml care oil for Clarineau is the perfect solution for the wood care of your instrument. It is ideal for the Clarineaus and Chalumeaus from Kunath Instrumentenbau.It consists of high-quality almond oil and a blend of other vegetable oils. The maintenance oil provides intensive protection for the inner bore and thus prevents the appearance of cracks in the wood. The care oil has been specially developed for use on Clarineaus and Chalumeaus from Kunath Instrumentenbau and therefore guarantees optimum care. Regular use will make your Clarineau sound fuller and warmer, which will have a positive effect on your playing. Extend the life of your instrument and enjoy an improved sound with our 5ml maintenance oil for Clarineau.
Product number: 10023

Alto cleaning rod with cloth
Product number: 10031

Cork grease
Cork grease is used on recorders to lubricate the connection between the individual parts of the flute (the so-called tenon joints). Here are some reasons why cork grease is important:Easier to put together and take apartCork grease ensures that the individual parts of the flute are easier to put together and take apart again. This prevents the joints from being damaged or worn out.Protection against moisture and wood sourcesWith wooden flutes in particular, moisture can cause the wood to swell and make the joints more difficult to handle. The grease acts as a barrier against moisture and protects the wood.Preventing cracks and fracturesIf the tenon joints are too dry, this can lead to cracks or fractures occurring when they are put together or taken apart. Regular greasing prevents such damage.Longer life of the recorderOverall, the use of cork grease contributes to the care and maintenance of the recorder, which extends its life and maintains its playability.Maintaining the tightness of the jointsWell-lubricated joints ensure that the parts fit together tightly and that no air escapes, which is important for the sound and intonation of the recorder. Regular maintenance of the tenon joints with special cork grease is therefore essential to keep the recorder in good condition and maintain its functionality.
Product number: 10025

Soprano cleaning rod with cloth
Product number: 10030

Tenor cleaning rod with cloth
Product number: 10032


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