General servicing - A refreshing overhaul for bass recorders

Paetzold (by Kunath) recorders are almost indestructible.

This is in part due to the construction of the windway. With a removable and therefore replaceable windway, Herbert Paetzold has created a design that makes it possible to breathe new life into an instrument - when it is "blown out" - by giving it a completely new windway. The block can also be made anew - as with any other recorder.

This is groundbreaking and unique for bass recorders. Exactly what you can expect from Paetzold by Kunath.

Over the years additional improvements have been made, such as the use of brass in the construction of the keys, which allows them to play much more quietly and precisely. Furthermore, the double seals provide a more reliable response from the low notes and the new pad sets give the whole instrument a greater resonance due to their special surface.
So what do I do if I own an older Paetzold bass? The answer is simple! Send the instrument in for a general servicing. We will then install new double seals and pads. If necessary, the block and windway will also be renewed. A general servicing is a refreshing treatment for your instrument.

Treat your Paetzold by Kunath bass recorder to a general servicing.

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