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Energy Summit Striker Day 2022

The starting signal was given when we moved into the new workshop building in the spring of 2012, at which time the first solar installation was placed on the workshop roof. 
In the fall of 2021, we took the second step towards self-sufficiency with another solar system and a 90 Kwh battery system. 
The overall system was designed with the goal: "We want to produce more electricity ourselves than we consume in the year." 
Of course, above all these "power generation actions," the golden rule applies: a kilowatt hour saved is better than a kilowatt hour generated green."
One component in particular has helped with this: A 50" monitor in the store - next to the central coffee machine - displays the company's energy balance around the clock. 
How much electricity are we producing?
How much do we consume?
How full is the battery? 
This permanent evaluation has helped us to significantly reduce our electricity consumption - despite the same production volume. 
The result of the puzzle is: the companies of the Kunath.group are celebrating their Energy Summit Day 2022 today, July 13.
This means: from the beginning of the year to the present day, we have produced more electricity than we consumed in the entire previous year
This day is like a chameleon. At first, it's a comfortable couch to celebrate the goal we've reached.
But then it slowly changes into a starting block to new goals.
That makes this chameleon a real long-run partner. 
The new goal is already set. You'll find out in the next blog post.
We are everything - but not boring.
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