Sopran Unterstück Kirschbaum Klassenflöte, Barock Doppelloch, 442 Hz


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Product number: 112-072U
Product information "Sopran Unterstück Kirschbaum Klassenflöte, Barock Doppelloch, 442 Hz"

This body belongs to the soprano recorder 112-072 "PRO".
The 112-072 belongs to the group of combination recorders, model series classy-recorders.

The combination recorders are a recorder system that was developed / invented by Kunath Instrumentenbau especially for Waldorf schools. You can find more information about Combination recorders here.

The Scale length

The geometry of the inner bore of the instrument is cylindroconical and wider than other school recorders. This type of bore gives the recorder its typical sound. In principle, instruments with a wider bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and therefore more suitable for ensembles than models with a narrower inner bore.

Who is this instrument aimed at?

School classes.


The instrument pentatonic stars-recorder ("Sternen Recorder") 112-072 is made in the following fingering: Chromatic, baroque double hole

Packaging and accessories

The body is supplied as standard with a bag and the following accessories: Fingering chart.

Properties "Sopran Unterstück Kirschbaum Klassenflöte, Barock Doppelloch, 442 Hz"
Bore shape: zylindrokonisch mit Schallbecher
Construction: 1-teilig
Fingering: Barock Doppelloch
Group: Blockflöten
Material: Kirschholz
Material (botanical): Prunus avium
Material structure: Kirschholz: Das Holz ist hellfarbig und weist eine feine und mattglänzende Oberfläche auf.
Model series: Klassenflöte
Musical use: Alle Stilarten
Net weight: 0.041 kg
Sound characteristics: Kirschbaum: Leichter und eleganter Klang
Surface treatment: Geölt/Gewachst
Target group: EinsteigerInnen
Tuning pitch: 440 Hz, 442 Hz, 442 Hz
Weight without case: 0.041 kg
Zapfenverbindung: Kork
Size: Sopran

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Instrument parts

Head classy-recorder "PRO"
This headjoint belongs to the soprano recorders in the classy-recorder series "PRO", and is suitable for the soprano bodyScale lengthThe geometry of the instrument's inner bore is cylindrical.WindwayThe windway is straight and cylindrical.Who is the series aimed at? School classes.



Cork grease is used on recorders to lubricate the connection between the individual parts of the flute (the so-called tenon joints). Here are some reasons why cork grease is important:Easier to put together and take apartCork grease ensures that the individual parts of the flute are easier to put together and take apart again. This prevents the joints from being damaged or worn out.Protection against moisture and wood sourcesWith wooden flutes in particular, moisture can cause the wood to swell and make the joints more difficult to handle. The grease acts as a barrier against moisture and protects the wood.Preventing cracks and fracturesIf the tenon joints are too dry, this can lead to cracks or fractures occurring when they are put together or taken apart. Regular greasing prevents such damage.Longer life of the recorderOverall, the use of cork grease contributes to the care and maintenance of the recorder, which extends its life and maintains its playability.Maintaining the tightness of the jointsWell-lubricated joints ensure that the parts fit together tightly and that no air escapes, which is important for the sound and intonation of the recorder. Regular maintenance of the tenon joints with special cork grease is therefore essential to keep the recorder in good condition and maintain its functionality.

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