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Tenorblockflöte „Direct-Blow“, Solo, Schwarz lackiert, Paetzold by Kunath

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The instrument from the model series SOLO with the item number: 23DB-AS from Paetzold by Kunath is an instrument that is always fun to play in the classroom as well as on stage.
The instrument owes this characteristic mainly to the special combination of the above-average model design in combination with the advantages of the material used, RESONA.

The material is conspicuously fascinating in this instrument due to its special sound properties. The special properties can be characterized as follows: Wooden and warm.

The scale length

. The course of the inner bore of the instrument is cylindrical and wider. This type of bore gives the recorder its typical sound
. In principle instruments with a wider bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more suitable for ensembles than models with a narrower bore.

What kind of music is the flute best suited for?

RESONA is predestined for recorders used in folk and for beginners in recorder playing.

Who is the instrument aimed at?

From the above facts it follows that instruments from RESONA are particularly suitable for ambitious amateurs, advanced players. An additional rule is that a good quality instrument usually makes the playing more beautiful than a bad one.

The wind tunnel of a recorder


The windway is the area in the recorder's headjoint where the musician's breath is formed into a thin sheet of air. This air leaf is one of the most important elements of the instrument's tone production. In interaction with the labium this air leaf gives rise to the vibration which generates the flute tone. The shape of the windway is therefore extremely relevant for the artistic usability of the recorder.

The instrument 23DB-AS by Paetzold by Kunath has a windway that is straight and conical.
Conical windways accelerate the air leaf more than cylindrically shaped ones.
Wind tunnels are very complex in their geometric shape and many parameters play together.



The flute Paetzold by Kunath SOLO 23DB-AS is delivered in the version: Baroque fingering.


. It is not always possible to place tone holes in places in the body that are comfortable and easy to reach with the fingers. Particularly on larger recorders, tone holes are located in places that are impossible to reach for address-related reasons. On these instruments, the instrument makers add mechanics that make fingering much {simplify|easier, or even possible in the first place.
The 23DB-AS instrument has the following keys: Paetzold full keys. This allows the recorder to be played well by players with smaller hands. This type of keys is unique and legally protected. Especially in Korea and Taiwan these models are often used in youth ensembles by leading teachers for adolescent players.
But also adult players with reduced grip span of the hands appreciate the advantages of the Paetzold full key.

Body construction


The structural design in terms of the multi-piece nature of a flute strongly influences the way in which the woodwind instrument enables easy handling in terms of ease of grip on the one hand, and compact transport on the other, during daily use.
This is a point that should not be underestimated, especially when transporting larger (and sometimes several) instruments.
Leaders of large ensembles know how useful good and compact recorder transport packaging is. Provided that the instruments can be dismantled easily.

Packaging and accessories

. The instrument comes standard with Optional bag / case and matching accessories: Grease box, fingering chart, care instructions.

Hygiene tips

. If the flute is often borrowed, it is recommended for your own protection to clean the beak area sterilely if necessary. The product Flautisept has proven to be very effective. You will find Flautisept in our assortment.

Notes for the search for a new recorder

. How do you find a new instrument easily?
Inform yourself in detail
. However, you should in no case let opinions prevailing in your environment dissuade you from testing an instrument yourself. Your musical sensibility is as unique as you are. Therefore, only you can decide which wind tunnel shape inspires you personally.
Our recommendation is therefore: Play new brands that you may never have tried before. You can only win.
More Information
Voice Tenor
Fingering Barocke Griffweise
Tuning 442 Hz
Surface finish Schwarz lackiert
Windway Gerade, konisch
Blowing type Direkt angeblasen
Article group Blockflöten
Sound characteristics RESONA: Volles und klar zeichnendes Klangbild
Keys Vollbeklappung (Paetzold by Kunath)
Construction 2-teilig (Kopf-, Unterstück)
Bore zylindrokonisch
Musical use Ensemble, im chorischen Spiel und solistisch
Material structure RESONA: Geschlossene Oberfläche. Dichte vergleichbar mit Palisander. Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen.
Packing Etui
Model series SOLO
Material RESONA
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