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Subkontrabassblockflötenkopf „HP-Original“, Solo, Schwarz lackiert, Paetzold by Kunath

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The recorder from the series SOLO with the article number: 28HPK-AS from the workshop Paetzold by Kunath is a companion who can always create new fun in the classroom as well as on stage.
The instrument owes this circumstance mainly to the skilful combination of the carefully considered construction concept in symbiosis with the tonal colours of the RESONA material used.

. This material captivates with its special advantages. The properties can be characterized in such a way, whereby it is in the nature of things that sounds can only be described very inadequately with words. Therefore, the material-typical sound of recorders is perceived and described in varying details by every human being: Soft, warm.

The scale

The geometry of the inner bore of the instrument is cylindrical and wider. This type of drilling process gives the instrument its typical sound.
In principle, recorders with a further bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensembleable than instruments with a narrower bore.

For which music can the instrument be used?

RESONA is particularly suitable for recorders that are used in ensembles, in choral playing and as soloists.

Who is this instrument intended for?

From this it follows that recorders made of RESONA are particularly suitable for beginners. Another law that must be observed is that a more qualitative instrument naturally makes interaction less complicated than a supposedly cheap one.

The wind tunnel of the recorder

The wind tunnel is the area in the head of the instrument in which the breathing air of the musician is formed into an air sheet. This air leaf is the central starting point of the sound production of a flute. In interaction with the labium, the oscillation that causes the flute tone is generated from this air leaf. The shape of the wind tunnel is thus very influential for the range of artistic uses of the flute.

The recorder 28HPK-AS by Paetzold by Kunath has a wind tunnel that is straight and conical.
Conical wind tunnels accelerate the breathing air more strongly than cylindrical ones.
Wind tunnels are of course extremely complex in their design and many parameters are influenced by each other.

Wise of grip

The instrument Paetzold by Kunath SOLO 28HPK-AS is manufactured in the following version: .


It is not always possible to place tone holes in places that are comfortable to grasp with your hands. For acoustic reasons, some tone holes are located in places that are not ergonomically accessible, especially in deep recorders. These instruments are fitted with mechanics that make gripping much easier or even possible in the first place. The instrument 28HPK-AS has the following keys: . This makes the recorder easy to grasp, even for players with smaller hands. This type of flaps is unique and legally protected. Especially in Taiwan and Korea, these instruments are often used in recorder orchestras by internationally renowned teachers for adolescent players.
But also older players with small hands appreciate the advantages of the .


The construction of a musical instrument has a fundamental influence on the way in which the flute is used in daily life, on the one hand for easy handling in terms of easy reachability and on the other hand for compact transport.
This is a point not to be underestimated, especially when transporting larger (and sometimes several) instruments.
Leaders of large playgrounds will agree with us.

Packaging and accessories

The model comes standard with an optional bag / case and useful accessories: Fat jar, fingering chart, care instructions

Hygiene tips

If the recorder is used together, it makes sense to clean the wind tunnel sterilely at regular intervals to ensure hygienic safety. The care product Flautisept has proven itself for convenient but safe cleaning. Flautisept is available in our assortment.

How to Find a New Instrument

How do you easily find a future instrument?
Ask friends!
However, don't let "generally valid" rules, such as "the material xy does not go at all in the ensemble / for professionals" prevent you from playing a new flute yourself. Your musical feeling is as unique as you are. Therefore, only you can decide for yourself which construction method will make you personally happy.
Our recommendation is therefore: Play on unknown manufacturers that you have never tried before. They can't lose anything, they can only win.
More Information
Voice Subkontrabass
Tuning 442 Hz
Surface finish Schwarz lackiert
Windway Gerade, konisch
Blowing type Anblasrohr
Article group Blockflöten
Sound characteristics RESONA: Volles und klar zeichnendes Klangbild
Bore zylindrokonisch
Musical use Ensemble, im chorischen Spiel und solistisch
Material structure RESONA: Geschlossene Oberfläche. Dichte vergleichbar mit Palisander. Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen.
Packing Verpackung optional
Model series SOLO
Material RESONA
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