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Subgroup bass spike holder, Paetzold by Kunath

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Telescopic spine for sub-bass recorder Paetzold by Kunath


Floor spike for subgreatbass recorder, Paetzold by Kunath
The floor spike for Paetzold by Kunath subgreatbasses allows you to play the bass while standing without having to hold the weight of the bass.
The floor spike attachment is placed over the lower end of the instrument.
The spike is clamped onto the included attachment.
The basses can be adjusted anywhere between 4 inches and 43 inches in height to the respective needs.
The soft rubber base keeps the bass securely in place even on smooth floor surfaces. Even delicate floors, such as parquet, cannot be scratched.



Attachment: manmade material
Spike: plastic, aluminium


  • spike
  • spike attachment

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Surface finish Schwarz lackiert
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