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Subgroßbassblockflöte „HP-Original“, Solo, Airbrush Sonderlackierung, Paetzold by Kunath

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The instrument of the series SOLO with the article number: 27-A-SONDERL built by Paetzold by Kunath is a companion, which creates lasting fun in making music in daily use.
The instrument owes this characteristic mainly to the special composition of the groundbreaking model design in combination with the sound characteristics of the RESONA.

material used. The material of this instrument captivates with its extraordinary sound characteristics. The characteristics can be characterized as follows, whereby it is in the nature of things that sounds can only be described inadequately with words. Therefore the sound of recorders is perceived and described differently by each person in the details: Noble.

The scale

The inner bore of the recorder is cylindrical and wider. This type of drilling process gives the model its typical sound.
In principle, instruments with further bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensembleable than recorders with narrower bore.

For which music can the flute be used?

RESONA is ideal for recorders that are used in folk music and as an introduction to recorder playing.

Who is this instrument intended for?

This means that RESONA instruments are particularly suitable for ambitious amateurs and advanced players. Another rule to consider is that a more qualitative instrument makes making music less complicated than a seemingly inexpensive offer.

The wind tunnel of the recorder

The wind tunnel is the area in the instrument headpiece where the blow air is formed into an air blade. This air leaf is the determining element of the sound of a flute. At the labium, the oscillation that fundamentally generates the flute tone is generated from the air leaf. The shape of the wind tunnel is thus extremely important for the artistic usability of the recorder.

The instrument 27-A-SONDERL by Paetzold by Kunath has a wind tunnel that is straight and conical.
Conically shaped wind tunnels accelerate the air blade more than cylindrical ones.
Wind tunnels are of course very complex in their design and many parameters influence each other.

Wise of grip

The Instrument Paetzold by Kunath SOLO 27-A-SONDERL is manufactured in the following version: Baroque fingering.


It is not always possible to drill the tone holes in places in the body that are comfortable and easy to grasp with your hands. Especially with bass instruments, some tone holes are located in places that are impossible to reach for reasons relevant to response. These instruments are fitted with flap mechanisms that make gripping much easier or even possible in the first place. The instrument 27-A-SONDERL has the following keys: Paetzold full folding. This makes the recorder easy to grasp, even for players with smaller hands. This flap system is unique and legally protected. Especially in Korea and Taiwan these recorders are often used in schools by internationally renowned teachers for adolescent players.
But also adult players with reduced grip span of the hands appreciate the advantages of Paetzold full folding.

Construction of the body

The number of components of a musical instrument has a fundamental influence on the way in which the flute can be handled during daily use, on the one hand in terms of ease of grasping and on the other hand in terms of compact transport.
A point that becomes particularly important when transporting larger or multiple instruments .
A point that becomes particularly important when transporting larger or multiple instruments. Experienced ensemble players can sing you a song about it.

Packaging and accessories

The model is offered as standard with optional bag / case and the following accessories: Fat jar, fingering chart, care instructions

Hygiene tips

If the recorder is frequently borrowed, it is advisable to sterilize the beak area if necessary in order to prevent the transmission of diseases. Flautisept has proven itself for disinfection. You will find Flautisept in our assortment.

Recommendations for searching for a new recorder

How do you easily find a future instrument?
Ask friends!
However, don't let "generally valid" rules, such as "the xy brand doesn't go at all in the ensemble / for professionals" prevent you from playing a new instrument yourself. Your taste is as unique as you are. Therefore, only you can decide for yourself which wind tunnel shape touches you personally.
Our recommendation is therefore: Play with different designs that you have never tried before. You can only gain more experience.
More Information
Voice Subgreatbass
Fingering Barocke Griffweise
Tuning 442 Hz
Surface finish Schwarz lackiert
Blowing type Anblasrohr
Material RESONA
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