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Sopran Enki Recorder 440 Hz, baroque single hole

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Soprano Enki Star Flute, baroque fingering, 440Hz

General informationThe

recorder of the model series Sternenflöte with the model number: 70280 built by Paetzold by Kunath is a musical tool that makes making music fun untiringly
. The instrument owes this characteristic mainly to the thoughtful composition of the ingenious design in combination with the advantages of the pearwood material used

. The special characteristics can best be described with the following words, whereby it is in the nature of things that sounds can only be described very inadequately with words. Therefore the sound of recorders is perceived and described a little differently by each person in details:


bore of the recorder is cylindrical and wider. In
principle, recorders with a further bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensembleable than instruments with a narrower inner bore.

which musical styles can the instrument best be used?

Pearwood is particularly suitable for instruments that are used in folk music and for the introduction to recorder playing...

Who is the instrument aimed

at?.. As a
result, pearwood instruments are particularly suitable for ambitious amateurs and advanced players. A basic rule to keep in mind is that in most cases a more sophisticated instrument makes the interaction more enriching than a simple one.

the wind tunnel of a recorder

. the

wind tunnel is the area inside the recorder head where the blowing air is formed into an air blade.

This air leaf is the nucleus of the instrument's sound, and in interaction with the labium, the air leaf generates the fundamental oscillation that generates the flute tone. The shape of the wind tunnel is thus one of the defining principles for the musical creativity of the instrument.

The instrument
from Paetzold by Kunath has a wind tunnel that is straight and cylindrical in shape. Conical wind tunnels accelerate the air blade more than cylindrically shaped ones.
Wind tunnels are very complex in their geometric form and many parameters influence each other.


Paetzold flute by Kunath Sternenflöte 70280 will be delivered in the following version


Baroque fing

eringThe tone holes


always be drilled in places in the body of the instrument that are easy to grasp with the fingers. Especially with larger instruments, some tone holes are located in positions that are not ergonomically accessible for tuning reasons.
The instrument

70280 has


following keys

, which make it much easier or even possible to
the instrument:

Without. The shape of the keys is unique and legally protected. Especially in Taiwan and Korea, these models are often


in youth ensembles

by well-known teachers for adolescent players

, but even older players with reduced grip of the hands appreciate the advantages of the Without.

Multi-part natureThe

number of components of an instrument strongly influences the way in which the recorder can be used, on the one hand, for easy assembly and, on the other hand, for comfortable transport.
A point that becomes particularly important when larger or several instruments have to be carried
. Recorder choir conductors know how useful good and compact recorder transport packaging is.

Provided the instruments can be dismantled into small pieces.

Packaging and accessoriesThe

instrument is supplied as standard with a bag and useful accessories: If the instrument


borrowed more frequently, you should consider sterilizing the headpiece again and again to prevent the transmission of diseases. Flautisept has proven itself in these cases for convenient but safe cleaning.

You will

find Flautisept in our assortment.

hints for the search for a new recorderHow

to find your next


?get expert advice?

ut don't let "well-intentioned" advice stop you from playing an unknown instrument.your musical feeling is as unique as you


Therefore, only you yourself can decide which instrument concept

will make

you personally happy


Our recommendation is therefore: Play with new construction concepts that you have not yet tried out and you can only gain new experience.

More Information
Fingering Barocke Griffweise
Tuning 440 Hz
Surface finish Geölt/Gewachst
Windway Gerade zylindrisch
Blowing type Direkt angeblasen
Article group Blockflöten
Sound characteristics Birnbaum: Weicher, chorischer Klang. Geeignet für das Spiel in der Gruppe
Construction 2-teilig (Kopf-, Unterstück)
Bore leicht zylindrokonisch und im Durchschnitt weiter
Musical use Alle Stilarten
Material structure Birnbaum: Sehr tragfähig mit feinporiger Struktur.
Packing mehrteilige Baumwolltasche
Model series Sternenflöte
Material Birnbaum
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