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The instrument from the series AVANTGARDE with the article number: 6605-072 from Kunath Instrument Making sets new standards for the weight of a sub-bass.
This characteristic is due to the special composition of the unique model in the fine tuning with the qualities of the material RESONA.

used. This material convinces with the instrument strikingly pleasantly by its material-typical advantages. The characteristics can be described roughly as follows: Light and noble.

The scale

The inner bore of the recorder is cylindrical and wider. This type of drilling process gives the instrument its powerful sound.
In principle, recorders with a further bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensembleable than instruments with a narrower bore.

What music styles can the flute be used for?

RESONA is predestined for recorders used in jazz, folk, dance and popular music.

Who is this recorder for?

It follows from this that RESONA instruments are particularly suitable for semi-professionals, professional players. Another generally accepted basic rule is that a valuable instrument naturally makes learning progress less complicated than a bad one.

The wind tunnel of the recorder

The wind tunnel is the area in the head of the recorder in which the blowing air of the musician is formed into a thin air sheet. This air leaf is the determining element of the sound of a recorder. At the labium, the oscillation generating the flute tone is generated from the air leaf. The shape of the wind tunnel is thus very influential for the artistic usability of the recorder.

The model 6605-072 by Kunath Instrumentenbau has a wind tunnel that is curved and conically shaped.
Conical wind tunnels accelerate the air blade more than cylindrically shaped ones.
Wind tunnels are of course very complex in their design and many parameters are influenced by each other.

Wise of grip

The flute AVANTGARDE 6605-072 is delivered in the version: Baroque fingering.


It is not always possible to drill the tone holes into the parts of the body of the instrument that are easy to reach with the hands. Especially with deep instruments, tone holes sit in positions that are not ergonomically accessible due to mood-relevant necessities. Such instruments are fitted with flap mechanisms that make gripping considerably easier or even possible in the first place. The instrument 6605-072 has a key mechanism made of carbon. This means that the recorder can also be played by players with smaller hands. This form of flap mechanism is unique and legally protected.

Multi-part ratio

The number of individual parts of a flute influences in many ways the way in which the woodwind instrument can be used, on the one hand, to ensure meaningful handling in terms of easy graspability and, on the other hand, safe transport.
A point that becomes particularly important when larger or more instruments need to be carried. Experienced ensemble players can sing you a song about it.

Packaging and accessories

The instrument comes standard with a bag and matching accessories: grease jar, wiper rod, fingering chart

Advice on finding a new instrument

What is the easiest way to find your next instrument?
Ask friends!
However, you should in no case be deterred from trying out a flute yourself by "generally valid" rules, such as "that the manufacturer xy does not work at all in ensembles / for professionals". Your musical perception is as unique as you are. Therefore, only you can decide for yourself which flute she will personally reach.
Our recommendation is therefore: Test unknown models that you have not yet tried. All you can do is win.
More Information
Voice Contrabass
Fingering Barocke Griffweise
Tuning 442 Hz
Surface finish Schwarz lackiert
Windway Gebogen, konisch
Blowing type Anblasrohr
Article group Blockflöten
Keys Mittelstückklappen + Fußklappe
Construction 4-teilig (Kappe-, Kopf-, Mittel-, Fußstück)
Colour plastic Schwarz
Musical use Ensemble, im chorischen Spiel und solistisch
Material structure RESONA: Geschlossene Oberfläche. Dichte vergleichbar mit Palisander. Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen.
Packing Rucksacktasche
Model series Avantgarde
Material RESONA
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