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The Renaissance

The Renaissance put man in the centre of attention. Antique art was rediscovered and "revived".
The feeling to feel oneself as a free individual and independent force triggered a wave of great inventions.
Starting in northern Italy, artists and scholars influenced people's attitude to life with innovative works.
The collection of the Accademia Filarmonica di Verona contains an exceptionally good Renaissance subbass-recorder of this epoch. We have selected these as templates.

The Personality Mjo

Mjo is not only a subbass recorder.
Mjo is an impressive personality who quickly finds new friends in every ensemble.
With her slim stature she always cuts a fine figure in the rehearsal room and on stage.
Mjo can be safely placed on the stand included in the scope of delivery. You don't have to hold the instrument constantly, because Mjo is already big with her 2,12m and can stand alone.
Since the stand can be firmly attached to the instrument, you can comfortably and safely put Mjo aside with one hand during breaks.

The innovative Mjo

Mjo goes his own way. She dissolves the apparent inseparability of powerful sound and physical weight with her own lightness.
With your - inclusive stand ! 3200 g it sets standards in bass recorder making.
Mjo also respects your feelings. Its blow pipe is angled at the lower end with 95° so that all condensed liquid is collected in the drop cup. Sometimes it's the little things that do the big things.
Let the world resound - with Mjo!

The Instrument

The subbass recorder in F was built by the Bassano family of instrument makers. The instruments in the collection of the Accademia Filarmonica di Verona were already highly esteemed during the Renaissance and were borrowed by many court bands for special occasions.
During our revision we placed great value on making a sub-bass recorder that would finally enable many ensembles to fulfil their long dream of a deep renaissance bass.

In addition, our experience in the manufacture of large bass recorders has enabled us to ensure that transport and handling can take place in a way never before seen. The instrument weighs with bag only 5,6 kg.
As a special feature Mjo is delivered with two mouthpieces. So you have a personal mouthpiece and a guest mouthpiece. If you ever want to have Mjo played on by someone else. You can easily distinguish between the two mouthpieces using the ring notches. As in the Renaissance, Mjo puts you, the human being, at the centre.

Wise of grip

The instrument is played with Renaissance fingering.


Mjo consists of RESONA, a material developed from renewable raw materials. The sound is associated by many musicians with the sound of cherry wood.
More Information
Voice Contrabass
Fingering Renaissance Griffweise
Tuning 442 Hz
Surface finish Schwarz lackiert
Windway Gebogen, konisch
Blowing type Anblasrohr
Article group Blockflöten
Keys Fußklappe 1-fach
Construction 4-teilig (Kappe-, Kopf-, Mittel-, Fußstück)
Bore schwach zylindrokonisch und im Durchschnitt weiter
Colour plastic Schwarz
Musical use Schwerpunkt chorisches Spiel, Blockflötenensembles und -orchester, andere Stilarten sind möglich
Material structure RESONA: Geschlossene Oberfläche. Dichte vergleichbar mit Palisander. Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen.
Packing Rucksacktasche
Model series Mjo
Material RESONA
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Mjo subbass recorder, black, made of RESONA