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The recorder from the series SOLO with the article number: 24-AS by Paetzold by Kunath is an instrument that always makes playing fun.
This property is due to the deliberate marriage of the outstanding instrument model in combination with the qualities of the RESONA.

material used. The material fascinates with this instrument pleasantly by its special sound characteristics. The properties can be described in a similar way: Soft, warm.

The scale

The inner bore of the recorder is cylindrical and wider. This type of drilling process gives the recorder its typical sound.
In principle, instruments with a further bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensembleable than models with a narrower inner bore.

For which music styles can the instrument best be used?

RESONA is predestined for instruments that are used in ensembles, in choral playing and as soloists.

Who is this recorder for?

As a result, RESONA instruments are particularly suitable for beginners. A basic rule is that a higher quality instrument usually makes making music easier than a seemingly inexpensive offer.

The Wind Tunnel of a Recorder

The wind tunnel is the area in the recorder head where the breathing air of the musician is formed into an air leaf. This air leaf is the determining element of the sound production of the instrument. In interaction with the labium, the oscillation generating the flute tone is generated from the air leaf. The shape of the wind tunnel is thus extremely important for the variation possibilities of the available sound spectra of the recorder.

The recorder 24-AS by Paetzold by Kunath has a wind tunnel that is straight and conical.
Conically shaped wind tunnels accelerate the air blade more than cylindrical ones.
Wind tunnels are naturally complex in their geometric form and many parameters influence each other.

Wise of grip

The flute Paetzold by Kunath SOLO 24-AS is manufactured in the following version: Baroque fingering.


The tone holes cannot always be drilled in places in the body that are easy and pleasant to grasp with the fingers. Especially with bass instruments some tone holes sit in positions that are not tangible due to acoustic necessities. With such instruments mechanics are attached, which {simplify {gripping} or make it possible at all.
The instrument 24-AS has the following keys: Paetzold full folding. This means that it can also be gripped ergonomically by players with smaller hands. This flap system is unique and legally protected. Especially in Taiwan and Korea, these models are often used in recorder orchestras by internationally renowned teachers for adolescent players.
But also older players with small hands appreciate the advantages of Paetzold full folding.

Construction of the body

The structural design with regard to the multi-part nature of a musical instrument strongly influences the way in which the flute can be used in daily life, on the one hand to ensure sensible handling with regard to ease of grasping and on the other hand to ensure safe transport.
This is a point not to be underestimated, especially when transporting larger (and sometimes several) instruments.
Experienced ensemble players can sing you a song about it.

Packaging and accessories

The instrument comes standard with an optional bag / case and useful accessories: Fat jar, fingering chart, care instructions

Hygiene tips

If the flute is played by several people, you should consider sterilizing the headjoint again and again to keep it clean. In this case the remedy Flautisept has proven itself. You will find Flautisept in our assortment.

Comments for searching for a new recorder

How do you easily find your next instrument?
Ask friends!
Under no circumstances should the opinions of "self-proclaimed experts" prevent them from testing their own recorder. Your musical feeling is as unique as you are. Therefore only you yourself can decide which flute tempts you to "make endless music".
Our recommendation is therefore: play with unknown materials that you have never tried before. You can only gain new experience.
More Information
Voice Basset
Fingering Barocke Griffweise
Tuning 442 Hz
Surface finish Schwarz lackiert
Windway Gerade, konisch
Blowing type Anblasrohr
Article group Blockflöten
Sound characteristics RESONA: Volles und klar zeichnendes Klangbild
Keys Vollbeklappung (Paetzold by Kunath)
Construction 3-teilig (Kopf-, Mittel-, Fußstück)
Bore zylindrokonisch
Musical use Ensemble, im chorischen Spiel und solistisch
Material structure RESONA: Geschlossene Oberfläche. Dichte vergleichbar mit Palisander. Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen.
Packing Verpackung optional
Model series SOLO
Material RESONA
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Bassetblockflöte „HP-Original“ Solo, Schwarz lackiert, Paetzold by Kunath