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Lower section 3 keys Clarineau, baroque double hole, grenadilla, 440Hz

The description

The Clarineau is the ideal entry-level instrument for those who want to approach the woodwind instruments clarinet or saxophone. The fingering of the Clarineaus is similar to that of the recorder in the lower octave, making it easier to get started with these fascinating instruments.
Our Clarineau was developed in close cooperation with Thomas Denig, clarinet teacher at the Freie Musikschule Hamburg.

The range

The range: chromatic c' - g". Experienced musicians reach a larger range.

Wise of grip

The lower part of the model with the item number: 824-072KU is offered in the fingering: Baroque fingering.

The bore of the lower part

The inner bore of the Clarineaus is cylindrical. This type of drilling process gives the instrument its typical sound.
In principle, reed instruments with a further bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensembleable than instruments with a narrower bore.

You need a separate mouthpiece

The lower part is optimized for a Bb clarinet mouthpiece in Böhmbauweise. This mouthpiece is not included in the delivery.

The carcass

The instrument is made of well seasoned wood. The body was impregnated with paraffin to protect it from dirt and moisture and oiled with linseed oil on the surfaces.

The sound characteristics

This is due to the carefully considered combination of the ingenious construction concept in symbiosis with the timbres of the Grenadill material used.

The Grenadill material used gives the instruments a unique warm and soft sound. id=3;The instruments that are built with keys are based on historical ideas, but have been perfected by us. This construction protects the cushions and springs of the dampers safely.
Since the flaps are recessed in the body, damage can be virtually ruled out.


The Clarineau lower part is multi-part and consists of the following parts: 1-part. The lower part weighs 0.180 kilograms net.
More Information
Voice Soprano
Fingering Barocke Griffweise
Tuning 442 Hz
Surface finish Geölt/Gewachst
Blowing type Direkt angeblasen
Article group Rohrblattinstrumente
Sound characteristics Grenadill: Klarer, obertonreicher und kräftiger Klang. Sehr tragfähig.
Keys 3-Klappen (Clarienau)
Construction 1-teilig
Bore zylindrisch
Musical use Schwerpunkt Popularmusik, Rock und Jazz
Material structure Grenadill: Sehr dichtes Holz. Wenige Poren.
Packing mehrteilige Baumwolltasche
Model series Clarineau
Material Grenadill
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You're reviewing:lower section 3 keys Clarineau, baroque double hole, grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 440 Hz

lower section 3 keys Clarineau, baroque double hole, grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 440 Hz