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Pocket-Clarineau, German fingering


The Clarineau is the ideal instrument for beginners who want to approach the wind instruments of modern reed instruments. The fingering of the Clarineaus is similar to that of the recorder in the lower octave, making it easier to get to grips with these fascinating members of the woodwind family.
The Clarineau was developed in close collaboration with Thomas Denig, a clarinet teacher at the Freie Musikschule Hamburg.

Sound range

The range: chromatic c' - g". Depending on the approach, experienced musicians will achieve a larger range.

Wise of grip

The model with the item number: 817-076 is offered in the following fingering: German fingering.

The scale

The inner bore of the Clarineaus is cylindrical. This type of drilling process gives the model its typical sound.
In principle, instruments with a further bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensembleable than reed instruments with a narrower bore.


The predecessor of today's clarinet is historically the Chalumeau. It is blown with an approach comparable with the modern clarinet approach.
We have combined the charm of the historical Chalumeau with the advantages of today's clarinet mouthpieces in the Clarineaus concept.
Because it is well known that a wind instrument can only sound as good as the mouthpiece allows, we deliver our Clarineaus with a high-quality Boehm Bb clarinet mouthpiece. That was extensively tuned and adapted to the Clarineau.

Pipe blades

The leaf is made in Germany by a small manufactory especially for us. The cane wood used is proven to be free of pesticides.
We are of the opinion that these precisely coordinated details distinguish Clarineaus in their quality.
We consider it to be the central task of an instrument maker in the manufacture of a woodwind instrument to attach importance to these points.


The body of the instrument is made of carefully seasoned tonewood. The body was impregnated with paraffin and oiled with linseed oil to protect it from dirt and moisture.

Sound properties

The instrument owes this special feature mainly to the special composition of the carefully considered instrument model in combination with the qualities of the pearwood used. The pearwood material used gives the instruments a unique warm and soft sound. id=3;The instruments that are built with flaps have a unique construction. This construction protects the springs and cushions of the flaps safely.
Since most of the flaps are recessed into the body, damage can be virtually ruled out even in rough school conditions.

Construction of the body

The instrument is multi-part and consists of the following parts: 2-part (Boehm clarinet mouthpiece, lower part). It weighs 0.147 kilograms without packaging and accessories.

Packaging and accessories

The packaging is a multi-part cotton bag. The Clarineau is offered as standard with the following accessories: Care oil, wiper rod, dry cloth, cone grease, care instructions, fingering chart

Special equipment

You can also order the instrument with a GF tissue blade screw. This greatly facilitates the attachment of the reed and allows a firmer reed seat.
The GF fabric blade screw, along with the instrument body and mouthpiece, has a very considerable influence on the sound and response of the instrument. The tissue leaf screw fits perfectly on the mouthpiece like a tailor-made suit and fixes the leaf so securely and quickly.
Due to the clever mechanics (left-hand and right-hand threads of the spindle), a symmetrical tensile force acts on the blade when the blade screw is tightened, so that it remains in the set position. The safety ring on the thread of the mechanism prevents the mouthpiece from being scratched when the blade screw is placed on it. The printed crosshair on the band of the blade makes it much easier for you to set up the blade and the symmetric position of the blade screw.
More Information
Voice Soprano
Fingering Deutsche Griffweise
Tuning 442 Hz
Surface finish Geölt/Gewachst
Blowing type Direkt angeblasen
Article group Rohrblattinstrumente
Sound characteristics Birnbaum: Weicher, chorischer Klang. Geeignet für das Spiel in der Gruppe
Keys 0-Klappen (Pocket-Clarineau)
Construction 2-teilig (Böhmklarinetten-Mundstück, Unterstück)
Bore zylindrisch
Musical use Schwerpunkt Popularmusik, Rock und Jazz
Material structure Birnbaum: Sehr tragfähig mit feinporiger Struktur.
Packing mehrteilige Baumwolltasche
Model series Clarineau
Material Birnbaum
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Pocket-Clarineau, German double hole, 440 Hz