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Bottom piece for soprano class flute, German fingering, with single hole, 432Hz

Description of the

The outer form
School flutes belong to the "travelling people". They must therefore be stable and yet light - i.e. pleasantly playable. The external shape of the class flute with its historical head ornamentation guarantees a secure connection between the two instrument parts.

The cones
The pins are the connecting parts on the bottom pieces. The fact that we have put every part of the instrument to the test can be seen here with the naked eye. The cork ring has been moved slightly downwards. This makes the upper edge of the pin even more shockproof.

440 Hz & 432 Hz - standard442
Hz - on request For

example: Two in oneIn the
first class, the headjoint and a pentatonic lowerjoint are started.
If you are about to switch to the soprano flute, only add the corresponding lower part in the desired tuning or fingering.
The header is still used.
The pentatonic lower part can be passed on to another child ...

This allows you to put together any combination you want: In all registers, tunings and fingerings - for every register with a single flute head!
This system is hygienically flawless and extremely economical.

The class flute connects ...
Do you already use instruments from the Waldorf Edition? (Whether from Kunath Instrumentenbau or from C. Mollenhauer GmbH)
The parts of the class flute fit perfectly.


German single hole, 432 Hz.


Oiled and waxed. The lower parts are made of the finest pear tree.
Tonal range: c"-c"" Included in
:Bottom part fingering chart

Optional accessories

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You're reviewing:Soprano lower piece for the class flute, German single hole, 432 Hz

Soprano lower piece for the class flute, German single hole, 432 Hz