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Underpieces: Soprano Starflute, baroque fingering, with double holes for c/cis and d/dis, 432Hz


The recorder of the model series Starflute with the article number: 71180U built by Paetzold by Kunath is a recorder, which gives new joy of playing in the classroom as well as on stage.
The instrument owes this characteristic mainly to the deliberate combination of the ingenious model in fine coordination with the expressive possibilities of the pearwood material used. The material of this instrument is strikingly pleasant due to its typical sound properties. The peculiarities can be described as follows, whereby it is in the nature of things that sounds can only be described inadequately with words. Therefore, the material-typical sound of recorders is perceived and described a little differently by each person in the details: Noble.

The scale

The inner bore of the instrument is cylindrical and wider. This type of drilling process gives the instrument its typical sound.
In principle, recorders with a further bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensembleable than instruments with a narrower bore.

For which music styles can the flute best be used?

Birnbaum is predestined for recorders that are used in ensembles, in choral playing and as soloists.

Who is this instrument intended for?

This means that recorders made of pear wood are particularly suitable for beginners. Another basic rule is that in most cases a more sophisticated instrument will make learning progress more pleasant than what at first glance appears to be an inexpensive offer.

The Wind Tunnel of a Recorder

The wind tunnel is the area in the head of the recorder in which the blowing air of the musician is formed into a thin air sheet. This blade is the determining element of the sound of the instrument. At the labium the oscillation generating the flute tone is generated from the air leaf. The shape of the wind tunnel is thus one of the defining features for the musical shaping of the achievable sounds of the flute.

The model 71180U by Paetzold by Kunath has a wind tunnel that is straight and cylindrical.
Conically shaped wind tunnels accelerate the air blade more than cylindrical ones.
Wind tunnels are of course extremely complex in their design and many parameters are influenced by each other.

Wise of grip

The flute Paetzold by Kunath Sternenflöte 71180U is offered in the version: Baroque fingering.


It is not always possible to place tone holes in places that can be easily reached with the fingers. Especially with deep instruments, some tone holes are located in places that are not ergonomically accessible due to acoustic necessities. With these instruments, the instrument makers are fitted with flaps that make gripping much easier or even possible.
The instrument 71180U has the following keys: Without. This makes it easy for players with smaller hands to grasp. This flap system is unique and legally protected. Especially in Asia, these instruments are often used in schools by leading teachers for young players.
But also older players with reduced grip of the hands enjoy the advantages of the Without.

Construction of the body

The structural design with regard to the multi-part nature of a recorder strongly characterises the way in which it can be used, on the one hand, to ensure meaningful handling with regard to ease of grasping and, on the other hand, to ensure convenient transport.
A point that becomes particularly important when larger or more instruments are to be carried. Leaders of recorder ensembles will agree with us.

Packaging and accessories

The instrument comes standard with a bag and the following accessories: grease jar, wiper rod, fingering chart

Hygiene tips

If the instrument is used together, you should consider sterilizing the beak area regularly to maintain cleanliness. Flautisept has proven its worth for cleaning. You will find Flautisept in our assortment.

Advice on finding a new instrument

How to find your next instrument?
Ask friends!
However, you should not allow yourself to be prevented from playing a flute by well-meant advice. Your musical feeling is as unique as you are. Therefore, only you can decide for yourself which instrument concept it will achieve.
Our recommendation is therefore: Test different manufacturers that you have not yet tried. All you can do is win.
More Information
Fingering Barocke Griffweise
Tuning 432 Hz
Surface finish Geölt/Gewachst
Windway Gerade zylindrisch
Article group Blockflöten
Sound characteristics Birnbaum: Weicher, chorischer Klang. Geeignet für das Spiel in der Gruppe
Construction 2-teilig (Kopf-, Unterstück)
Bore leicht zylindrokonisch und im Durchschnitt weiter
Musical use Alle Stilarten
Material structure Birnbaum: Sehr tragfähig mit feinporiger Struktur.
Packing mehrteilige Baumwolltasche
Model series Sternenflöte
Material Birnbaum
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Soprano flute lower part, 440/432 Hz c''-c'''', baroque fingering