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Paetzold by Kunath spare parts - mouthpieces

Mund mit Paetzold by Kunath Mundstück

Are you looking for a new mouthpiece for your Paetzold by Kunath recorder?

The mouthpiece lies on the lips and ensures a turbulence-free transition of the breathing air from the mouth to the instrument. 
It is in the mouthpiece and can be turned so that it fits your body perfectly. 

Please note that the shape of the mouthpieces has been revised over the years.
The new mouthpieces have a longer cone, which is equipped with a cork ring. 
We recommend that you take a close look at the old mouthpiece when ordering.
You can then use the pictures shown during the questions to easily determine from which series your instrument comes and which spare part you need. 

Simply answer the following two questions. You will be guided to the appropriate item.

PbK Mundstücke

  1. Select the pitch (size) of your instrument in the following form.
  2. Determine the shape of the blow-on piece of your bass. (The blowpiece is the pivoting part that connects the instrument to the mouthpiece.)
  3. Click on "FIND".
  4. The matching mouthpiece will be displayed.


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