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Paetzold by Kunath Spare parts - bocals

Paetzold by Kunath Anblasstücke

Are you looking for a new blow piece for your Paetzold (by Kunath) recorder?

The bocal is the short pipe piece which connects the headpiece of the instrument with the mouthpiece.
It is designed in such a way that it can be easily swivelled.

This allows the instruments to be adapted quickly and easily to the different body sizes of the players.

Simply answer the following two questions and you will be guided to the appropriate article.

 PbK Anbasstücke

  1. Select the pitch (size) of your instrument in the following form.
  2. Determine the shape of the mouthpiece of your bass.
  3. Click on "FIND".
  4. The matching mouthpiece will be displayed.


PbK Anblasstücke