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JADE F-Bass, Cherry Wood, F-Bass

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JADE with the model name: 6420-02 built by Kunath Instrumentenbau is an instrument that always gives pleasure when playing. This special feature is due to the clever combination of the unique building concept in combination with the expressive possibilities of the cherry wood material used.

The material of this instrument inspires with its unique qualities. The special features can best be described with the following words, although it is in the nature of things that sounds can always be described very inadequately with words. Therefore the material-typical sound of recorders is perceived and described slightly differently by each person in the details: Wooden and warm.

The scale >/h3> The internal bore of the recorder is cylindrical and wider. This type of bore gives the recorder its typical sound.
. In principle, instruments with a wider bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensemble-capable than models with a narrower bore.

For which music can the flute best be used?

Cherry wood is excellent for instruments used in folk and for the introduction to recorder playing.

Who is the instrument aimed at?

It follows from this that recorders made of cherry wood are particularly suitable for ambitious amateurs, advanced players. An additional rule of thumb is that a valuable instrument naturally makes learning easier than an apparently cheap offer.

The wind tunnel of a recorder

The wind tunnel is the area in the instrument headjoint where the musician's blowing air is formed into an air leaf. This air leaf is the basis of the instrument's sound production. In interaction with the labium, the air reed forms the vibration that generates the tone of the flute. The shape of the wind tunnel is thus highly relevant for the musical creativity of the recorder.

The model 6420-02 by Paetzold by Kunath has a wind tunnel which is curved and conical.
Conical wind tunnels accelerate the air leaf more strongly than cylindrical ones. fingering

The model JADE 6420-02 is produced in the following version: Baroque fingering.


It is not always possible to place tone holes in places in the body that are comfortable and easy to grip with the fingers. Especially on deep recorders, some tone holes are placed in places that are impossible to reach because of tuning requirements. On such instruments, key action mechanisms are attached to the instrument makers, which make fingering much easier, or even possible in the first place. The instrument 6420-02 has the following keys: Comfort keys on the middle section. This makes it comfortable to play even for players with smaller hands. The key shape is unique and legally protected. Especially in Taiwan and Korea these models are often used in youth ensembles by internationally renowned teachers for young players.
But even adult players with small hands do not want to miss the advantages of the comfort flaps on the middle section once they have got to know them.


A point that becomes particularly important when larger or more instruments are to be transported.
Conductors of recorder ensembles will agree with us.

Packaging and accessories

The model comes standard with a bag and the following accessories: grease container, wiper rod, fingering chart

Tips on hygiene

If the instrument is shared, it is advisable to sterilize the headpiece if necessary to ensure hygienic safety. The care product Flautisept has proven to be effective in such cases. Flautisept is available in our assortment.
More Information
Voice Basset
Fingering Barocke Griffweise
Tuning 442 Hz
Surface finish Geölt/Gewachst
Windway Gebogen, konisch
Blowing type Knick-Kopf
Article group Blockflöten
Sound characteristics Kirschbaum: Leichter und eleganter Klang
Keys Mittelstückklappen + Fußklappe
Construction 4-teilig (Kopf-, Ober-, Unter-, Fußstück)
Musical use Ensemble, im chorischen Spiel und solistisch
Material structure Kirschholz: Das Holz ist hellfarbig und weist eine feine und mattglänzende Oberfläche auf.
Packing Etui
Model series JADE
Material Kirschholz
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