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Engelberger Fünftonflute 440 Hz with recessed grip

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Engelberger fifth tone flute, 440Hz, with recessed grip

General informationThe

recorder from the Engelberger five-tone flute series with the model designation: 50011 built by Paetzold by Kunath is an instrument that is always fun to play, both in class and on stage

. This is due to

the carefully considered marriage of the ingenious model design in symbiosis with the sound characteristics of the pearwood material used

. The characteristics can be characterized in such a way, whereby it lies in the nature of the thing that sounds can be described always only insufficiently with words. Therefore the typical sound of recorders is perceived and described slightly differently by each person in the details:


geometry of the inner bore of the instrument is cylindrical and wider. In
principle, recorders with a further bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and thus more ensembleable than instruments with a narrower bore.

which musical styles can the flute be used?

Pearwood is predestined for instruments used in jazz, folk, dance songs and popular music


Another general rule is that in most cases a more demanding instrument makes learning easier than a simple one.

the wind tunnel of a recorderThe

wind tunnel is the area in the head of the instrument where the blowing air of the musician is formed into an air blade.

This air leaf is the basis of the sound of the instrument and in interaction with the labium, the air leaf generates the fundamental oscillation that generates the sound of the flute. The shape of the wind tunnel is therefore very relevant for the variation possibilities of the available sound spectra of the recorder.

The model
by Paetzold by Kunath has a wind tunnel which is straight and very narrow cylindrical. Conically shaped wind tunnels accelerate the air blade more than cylindrical ones.


Paetzold flute by Kunath Engelberger Fünftonflöte 50011 will be delivered in the version



keysIt is not

always possible to place tone holes in the instrument body where they can be easily reached by hand. Especially with deep instruments some tone holes sit at positions which are impossible to reach for acoustic reasons.

instrument 50011

is equipped with the

following keys

, which make it much easier or even possible to
the instrument:

Without. This form of the key mechanism is unique and legally protected. Especially in Asia, these recorders are often

used in


by well-known teachers for adolescent players,

but even adult players with small hands enjoy the advantages of the Without.

The construction methodThe

structural design with regard to the multi-part nature of a musical instrument fundamentally shapes the way in which the flute can be used, on the one hand, easy to assemble and, on the other hand, comfortable to transport.

A point that becomes particularly important when transporting larger or more instruments
. Experienced ensemble players can sing a song about it.

Packaging and accessoriesThe

instrument comes standard with a bag and matching accessories: If the flute


used by several players, it makes sense to clean the beak area sterilely if necessary for your own protection. For comfortable but safe cleaning, the Flautisept product has proven itself.

You will

find Flautisept in our assortment.

advice for the search for a new recorderHow

to find a new



a friend?don'

t let well-intentioned advice dissuade you from testing your own recorder.your taste is as unique as you


Therefore, only you can decide for yourself which wind tunnel shape it

will achieve.

Our recommendation is therefore: play with different models that you have never tried before, you can only gain more experience.

More Information
Voice Soprano
Fingering Pentatonisch
Tuning 440 Hz
Surface finish Geölt/Gewachst
Windway Gerade zylindrisch
Blowing type Direkt angeblasen
Article group Blockflöten
Sound characteristics Birnbaum: Weicher, chorischer Klang. Geeignet für das Spiel in der Gruppe
Construction 1-teilig
Bore zylindrisch
Musical use Alle Stilarten
Material structure Birnbaum: Sehr tragfähig mit feinporiger Struktur.
Packing einteilige Baumwolltasche
Model series Engelberger Fünftonflöte
Material Birnbaum
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