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Webinars & Seminars. Thoughts on advantages and disadvantages

Woman attends a webinar

To be (there) or not to be!

Very early in the history of mankind there was the dream of the seven-league boots, with which one could cover great distances in a short time.

In the starship Enterprise ("Voyager" for the younger ones) you could simply beam yourself to another place ("transfer" for the older ones).

The dream of fast and comfortable travelling has probably accompanied us since we did the stupid thing with the apple steal at our garden rental company at that time.

We wish to reach our destination immediately, without having to take the hardships and strains of the journey on ourselves.

Whether these wishes themselves and the "boys who give birth to them" bring about good or bad things in us and in the world is open to question and that is not the central thread of this article.

The point is that since the invention of Morse code and the spread of the telephone, distances have shrunk.

Today, thanks to the Internet, we can overcome incredible distances effortlessly and at very low cost, at least with our language and our image.

From home - and without blackening our CO² footprint by travelling too much - we can view and listen to pictures and voices from around the world. Also our picture and our words rush around the world just as easily.

At this point, the attentive reader already realizes the special nature of this kind of travel. Only two senses are allowed in the travel group: seeing and hearing. The eyes and the ears get their money's worth. Depending on the technical equipment with limitations or intoxicatingly realistic. Anyone who has ever put on virtual reality glasses can guess where the travel experiences will take our eyes in the coming years. You believe you are standing in the middle of the action and no longer looking at a flat screen.

Meanwhile the other senses are sitting around more or less bored. Our nose doesn't smell anything new, our body doesn't perceive any climatic change and our hands can't "grasp" what the eyes see, in the most original sense of the word. The senses of taste are doomed to puritanical abstinence. Nothing can cross our lips in the direction of the digestive tract whose taste is not already known to our oral senses.

So it's all crap?

That would be judging too quickly. A picture in a museum is something we can only internalize with our eyes. Should we want to touch it, the museum staff would surely and quickly find ways and means to point out to us the lack of sense in our current actions.

Even on the telephone we can only try to guess the missing facial expressions of our conversation partner with our ears.

So there have always been moments in which we experience our environment and our fellow human beings only to a limited extent.

As always, there are two sides to the coin. We get something - and pay a price for it.

At webinars we can learn from lecturers without travelling, no matter where they or we are at the moment. Anyone who has experienced this before will find out: Nevertheless, during the online course we are connected with like-minded people through the present senses - seeing and hearing.

The senses that cannot be served by the webinar technique pay the price at first sight. But we save time, travel and accommodation costs. How about giving a gift from this budget to the senses that are outside the webinar. A good meal, a warm bathtub with precious essences or a massage?

I believe a harmony of all senses could be created with this. Perhaps in such moments the ears tell the other senses what they have heard. When a pleasant shiver runs down your spine, this indicates that another sense has been captured by the touching travelogue. 

And when the wanderlust, then rightly at some point draws attention to itself and says: "Now let's all do something together!"

Then go to a seminar in Fulda and enjoy - with all your senses.

Oh yes, we also have good food and exquisite drinks. (Should your senses ask for it)

We' II see you...