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Reliable disinfection of recorders

Reliable disinfection of recorders with the VirEx20.20

Hygiene has always been important to us and we have never underestimated its importance.

Due to the current developments, which began at the end of 2019, and which have completely turned life upside down in many areas in 2020, we have once again significantly increased our activities in the field of hygiene and disinfection.

We disinfect all instruments that we send out or receive back in a special disinfection facility.

The VirEx20.20 developed by us works with a combination of physical and chemical processes that have been used for many years in clinics and food production.
These procedures are absolutely harmless and no residues remain in the instrument.

Even instruments that we receive for repair are conscientiously disinfected before and after revision.  

Your health is worth it to us.

You should treat yourself! Right now!

Sometimes it is wonderful to be served and pampered.
Just express a wish and it will be fulfilled as if by magic.
Right now is the time to indulge yourself.

Finally - due to the crisis - we have a little more time and peace.
Peace and quiet and time are great, but the general conditions are, to put it mildly: more than worth giving up.

We can't influence the external conditions, our feelings and actions can.
Let us understand this phase not as a restriction, but as a possibility for shaping. Let us create free space for ourselves to do beautiful things and draw strength from them.

For example, making music, finally subjecting one of our own recorders to a wellness and hygiene cure or rewarding ourselves with the long awaited new instrument.
Because now is the right time to get to know the instrument.

But is that possible in these times? Yes, of course!

In our workshops FEHR, Kunath.com, Blockfloetensanatorium.de and in the Blockfloetenshop.de we work with different methods of disinfection and sterilization. All systems are clinically tested and have been proven to work against the new SARS-CoV-2 virus.

If you receive an instrument from us, it has been sterilized / disinfected before shipping. This way we protect you.

If you send us an instrument, we also disinfect it. This is to protect ourselves. The instrument is then disinfected again before it is sent. For your protection.
With this procedure and the investments in materials, equipment and facilities, we are setting new hygiene standards in our companies.

So you can be pampered without any worries! And you should be worth it.

We look forward to pampering you or your instrument.

Call us, write us an email or chat with us on the website.


Your Kunath-Team



Disinfection: Reduction of the number of pathogenic germs, so that the object no longer poses a risk of infection.  

Sterilisation: Free of reproducible bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses.