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Spike - makes bass recorders lighter

spike makes great recorders easy to play

Basses get goosebumps ?!

The weight of the instrument is completely neutralized. The playing comfort increases.
No neck strap is needed, and if the gooseberry is cleverly designed, you can play the bass sitting or standing.

However, this only works if the adjustment range of the goosebone is large enough. This is the problem with many bass spiked legs on the market.

What distinguishes a good goose-leg?
Good means that the leg has to be so short when it is pushed together that you can reach a good playing position even on low chairs.  On the other hand, the leg must be so long when extended that even larger players can play in a comfortable position.

Another quality feature is the stepless height adjustment. The load-bearing capacity of the leg should have sufficient reserves so that the bass does not unexpectedly "go to the ground" in any situation. 
The rubber foot for sensitive and smooth floors goes without saying and rounds off a good concept.
It goes without saying that the goose leg protrudes into the bore and changes the bore. Nevertheless, such solutions can be found on the market. As instrument makers, however, we strongly advise against this.

More and more F-basses and C-large basses are now supplied with barb legs by the manufacturers. However, many of our customers who wanted to optimize their instruments at Blockfloetensanatorium.de were not happy with the design of the spikes.

Based on the wishes of our customers and our many years of experience with the Paetzold by Kunath Bass spikes, we developed Spike.

Spike can be attached to many bass flutes with the appropriate adapters. If your bass flute already has a threaded socket, Spike can simply be attached to the existing socket.
If your bass does not have a threaded socket yet, it can be used in a specialist workshop. We carry out this work at Blockfloetensanatorium.de at a fair fixed price.