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Mundstücke für Paetzold by Kunath Blockflöten

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Who says the recorder isn't cool?

This cool gang not only won 1st place at Jugend Musiziert in Freiburg, Germany, but is also living proof that the recorder is cool.
Silvia Ott, the boss of the gang, once again made it clear with the performance of this "magic 4" who is in charge in the ring.
She has been choreographing the performances of her student groups with great attention to detail and great commitment for years.
The full-blooded pedagogue enables young musicians to play on larger instruments, with which pupils of this age group usually do not come into contact.
This motivates and leads almost inevitably to the winner's podium.

Congratulations to: (from left to right) Maxime Ogoudélé - Lennox Lietz - Noah Ogoudélé - Metin Erol