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Mundstücke für Paetzold by Kunath Blockflöten

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Red Snake! Special Edition

Tenor recorder with Red-Snake-Design

Tomy - our new surface specialist has been working as a snake tamer in the last weeks.

Red Snake Blockflötendesign Paetzold by Kunath


The result is the tenor: 23DB-A-SL (Red Snake).

The Paetzold by Kunath tenor recorder sounds impressive. This acoustic quality is visually complemented in the most impressive way by the Red Snake design.

Players who want to step out of the crowd will surely find what they are looking for here.

Important information: Prospective buyers are thoroughly checked by the Paetzold by Kunath team before the snake is handed over. Only players who can prove that they can keep the new roommate in a species-appropriate manner will receive the snake.