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You are the icing on the cake ...

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Historically, we are one of the younger instrument making workshops in the field of woodwind instrument making.
If you look at our growth, you can count us among the "trend brands" without exaggeration, as we have been able to take responsibility for two strong and influential traditional sites in addition to the successes of the core brand Kunath over the past few years.

  • Herbert Paetzold Recorder making
  • H.C. FEHR Recorder making 

Both markets have become an integral part of the Werkstattgemeinschaft Kunath Instrumentenbau and have made Fulda a centre for recorder making in Germany.

We are happy that our team has grown by five more people since 1.11.2019:

  • Roberto Bonanno - cabinet making and finishing work
  • Nora Dhom - Repairs and Voicing
  • Lucia Eisel - Sales, Telephone Service, Recorder Shop
  • Tomy Hofmann - Surface technology
  • Svetlana Moor - key construction, body preparation

In particular, we would like to thank you, our customers, for your wonderful support of our work. Through your suggestions and wishes you spur us on again and again to become a little bit better every day.

Thank you! You are the icing on the cake on our day.

the team in the recorder paradise