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Mundstücke für Paetzold by Kunath Blockflöten

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Leo's always at gabor's gigs

Gabor with LEO Paetzold by Kunath Bass

Not all musicians who have dedicated themselves to the recorder need a larger apartment because of the multitude of instruments. In addition, the housing market is tense and rents are rising and rising. But if the artist we are describing here continues as he has done in the last weeks, he won't have to look for a bigger apartment in the near future because of an almost incomprehensible instrument portfolio - although he plays up to 5 instruments at the same time. He will need the space for the many prizes and trophies he currently collects on his tours.

Only in the last weeks the musician won the coveted YAM AWARD "Best small ensemble 2019". Thus he was able to take the lead in this category in comparison to competitors from more than 20 countries.  And as if that weren't enough for the month, he immediately won the jury prize coveted by the cabaret scene  "Herborner Schlumpeweck". 

Now the inclined readership wonders: Who can be the "best small ensemble" internationally with recorder and at the same time win a cabaret prize? He can: Gabor Vosteen. The multi-talent of the comedic recorder performance combines instrumental and artistic flights of fancy with the sophisticated infiltration of traditional expectations of the "Wie geht der Witz aus?" moment.  

In the current FLUTEMAN-Show he stretches the bow again strongly.
He rolls out a carpet of surprise moments for his audience and proves telepathic abilities by being able to move the corners of the mouth of those present upwards with recorder-playing ease without touching his guests. Without words. Only with the art of acting and music-making. And his LEO, the unique bass in leopard look.