Clarineaus und Chalumeaux from Kunath Instrumentenbau

In addition to our recorders are manufactured by an equally high degree of precision and reliability historically inspired Chalumeaux und die model series Pocket-Clarineau, 2 Klappen Clarineau und das 3 Klappen Clarineau.

You can play at any time and anywhere because not only do we have a wide selection of reeds, we have the instruments designed that they can be played with modern mouthpieces.

This means that you do not rely on hand-made reeds. This saves money and is reassuring.

We are sure that you will have as much pleasure in playing these instruments, as we have in building them.


The Clarineau (kl-air-in-O) has a wider bore, and sounds more like the clarinet.

The Chalumeau (shar-la-moe)(pl. Chalumeaux) has a narrower bore, and sounds quieter and nasal.