Birch Plywood in Cherrywood Finish Basset Recorder, Paetzold by Kunath

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Weight: 1.1 kg per piece

3-pc basset recorder in F, A= 442 Hz.


The instrument has a range of over 2 chromatic octaves, F3- G5.

Through a patented right, the instrument is the most compact basset recorder worldwide.

The instrument is usually played while seated, with the instrument resting on the edge of the seat.

With the specially constructed keys, the instrument has a smaller fingering span than that of the alto recorder in F, making this unique design easier for small players. Even the individual automatic thumb keys allow for easier playing of harmonics on this instrument.


The instrument is overall 31 inches in length. The inner bore is about 33½ inches long.


Paetzold by Kunath basses have the following unique patented construction:


  • Square form

  • Ultra-compact design with the bore turned at 180°

  • All tone holes are fully keyed, which allows for a shorter fingering span

  • Automatic thumb/ harmonic keys enable easier playing in the higher register

  • Key pads are seated in a flexible fashion to help against air leaks.

  • With the 180° turned headjoint, the bocal is only approximately 6 inches long. Bocals that come out of traditional basset recorders in F are around 4x longer.


Baroque fingerings, fully keyed




Birch plywood, with airbrushed cherrywood finish



Supplies includes


  • Instrument

  • 2 tuning shims

  • fingering chart and manual

The pictured stand is not included in the supplies. The accessory can be ordered separately.


Optional Accessories

  • Hard case (44K)

  • Soft case (44T)

  • With the adjustable floor spike 44-46, the instrument can be played comfortably while standing.

  • Strapholder 44-49

  • Cross stand 44S1-AK

  • Head stand 44S3-AK is the optimal helper for putting the instrument down with the attached floor spike.


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