Engelberger five-tone recorder 440 Hz


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Product number: 50011
Product information "Engelberger five-tone recorder 440 Hz "

The recorder from the series Engelberger five-tone recorder with the model designation: 50011 made by Kunath Instrumentenbau is an instrument that is always a joy to play, both in lessons and at home.

The scale length (the inner bore)

The geometry of the inner bore of the instrument is cylindrical and wider than that of other soprano instruments. This type of bore gives the instrument its typical sound.
In principle, recorders with a wider bore sound warmer, fuller, more fundamental and therefore more ensemble-compatible than instruments with a narrower bore.

Who is the instrument aimed at?

The Engelberg five-tone recorder is used in Waldorf kindergartens, Waldorf schools and other independent schools.

The windway of a recorder

The windway is the area in the head of the instrument where the musician's blowing air is formed into an air blade. This air blade is the basis of the instrument's sound. In combination with the labium, the air blade creates the fundamental vibration that generates the flute sound. The shape of the windway is therefore very relevant

The 50011 model from Kunath Instrumentenbau has a windway that is straight and very narrowly cylindrical. This makes the sound delicate and floating.


The Engelberger five-tone recorder 50011 is supplied in the following version: 5-tone pentatonic.

Packaging and accessories

The instrument is supplied as standard with a bag and matching accessories:
wiper rod, fingering chart

Podcast about the instrument

Anblasart: Direkt
Bauweise: 1-teilig
Blowing-type: Direkt
Construction: 1-teilig
Gewicht: 0.1325 kg
GewichtNetto: 0.075 kg
Griffweise: Pentatonisch
Group: Blockflöten
Gruppe: Blockflöten
HerkunftslandMaterial: Österreich
HolzartBotanisch: Pyrus communis
Klangeigenschaften: Birnbaum: Weicher, chorischer Klang. Geeignet für das Spiel in der Gruppe
Material: Birnbaum
Materialstruktur: Birnbaum: Sehr tragfähig mit feinporiger Struktur.
Mensur: zylindrisch
Modellreihe: Engelberger Fünftonflöte
MusikalischerEinsatz: Alle Stilarten
Oberflächenbehandlung: Geölt/Gewachst
Stimmlage: Sopran
Stimmton: 440 Hz
Tuning: 440 Hz
Verpackung: Tasche
Weight: 0.1325 kg
Weight (net): 0.075 kg
Windkanal: Gerade zylindrisch
Zielgruppe: EinsteigerInnen
Zubehör: Wischerstange, Trockentuch, Pflegenleitung, Grifftabelle


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19 August 2023 20:53

A Recorder for Every Moment

My Engelberger recorder reached me a few days ago bringing within it Mr.Jo Kunath's talent, expertise and determination to make his customers happy, really happy. The little flute is indeed a masterpiece with its fascinating soothing voice and its most beautiful shape, texture and colour of the wood. A loving five-star flute to be played at any moment, be it by a beginner, be it in music therapy, be it by a seasoned player, at home, at school, on stage, in Nature. I wish I had treated myself to this flute years ago, but it is never too late. A big and warm thank you Mr. Kunath !


Fünf Töne machen Musik
Product number: 10075

Leise, leise aufgepaßt Fünftonlieder
Product number: 10060

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